Watch me train for Ironman Florida 2011

Hi, I’m Rick Colosimo. Over the next year, you’re going to be able to watch me train for my first triathlon, Ironman Florida 2011. My goal is to post everyday, with at least what I’ve eaten, what I’ve done in the way of training, weight/bodyfat, and probably a picture/video if I can make that work quickly and easily enough to do everyday.

Some quick answers:

  • I’m 42.
  • I’ve run three marathons, the last in 2001.
  • I’ve never swum a lap in the pool and will start lessons very soon to get some kind of decent freestyle stroke.
  • I’ve never biked except for leisure.
  • I’m raising money for REED Academy, a private nonprofit school for children with autism. (Details and fundraising links will come soon.)

Yes, I can do it. No, I won’t quit.

I’ll let you know in the next few days what you can do to help me — and it certainly won’t all be fundraising. Thanks!

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