Slow start this morning; I was up past midnight working. So waved off the usual 4:30 wakeup and went with my later time. Then, even after the boys were off, I was exhausted and slow-moving.

But I made it here and onto the treadmill. Slow going because I still felt a little sick; and then an emotional/motivational downswing in the middle almost had me convinced to stop halfway. I almost forgot who I am and what I can do – that the only thing that can stop me is me.

I mean, my Wolfhounds will know what I mean, but I’ve jumped out of a jet airplane with nothing between me and the ground but a lot of sky. Q: How is a little whine able to stop me? A: It’s not, and it didn’t. I pushed through and then pulled myself through, like a DIY ranger buddy. 3.1 in 32:10. Today’s victories were showing up and finishing up.

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