Diet & training log 11/7/10

Yesterday was a mixed bag:

Big plus — I got into the race, after a half-hour of frenzied button clicking before learning that contrary to my assumption, Pensacola is in the Central time zone.

I ate:

  • Starbucks tea (I get a grande awake tea in a venti cup, add one sugar in the raw and about 1/4-1/2 cup of skim milk depending on how much room there is; occasionally I’ll freely substitute whole milk or half & half if there’s not a lot of room) — about 60 cal
  • Burrito (Chipotle fajita burrito, salsa, a bit of sour cream, and lettuce) — about 820 cal. for dinner (I now pretty much only drink seltzer so zero cal there).
  • Snack – 1/3 cup plain almonds
  • Snack – one bag microwave popcorn (maybe 150 cal? I will have to figure this out)

Kept working until late; I got home about 11pm from spending the day in the city on Sunday.

Training: none to speak of (I don’t count walking around the City or stairs as training). I’m not real pleased with my start.

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