Diet & Training log 11/8/10

I’m apparently back on the post-Ranger School diet now that I’m down to my post-Ranger School weight (that’s ca. 1993 for those keeping score at home; here’s my graduation photo from Class 9-93 — spot me and tell me in the comments!).

I left the office early for a meeting with my son’s teacher and grabbed a large pretzel as breakfast/lunch. I’m looking forward to a quick sandwich at home.

I called the Ridgewood Y today to inquire about swim lessons. I have a sort of tryout tonight to see if I can fit into the class that has an opening. Kinda funny, isn’t it?

I went  to the Y tonight to see if I “qualify” for the intermediate class. Considering that the intro class is titled “Chicken of the Sea,” I was going to be pretty bummed if I didn’t get past that — heck, I passed my Ranger swim test, and isn’t that all you need (unless you’re training for an Ironman, that is)? Swimming class starts in earnest tomorrow. I feel like I need to run so I can get in shape for swimming!

I guess I swam 8 0r 10 lengths, short ones, in my short workout. Not an impressive beginning, but I’m satisfied with the notion that beginning is impressive. I’ll know more tomorrow night.

The good news was that my technique wasn’t as sucky as I thought. Oh, it sucks all right; it’s just that I actually have some non-trivial amount of technique, meaning I can breathe from the side multiple times while attempting to swim a length. I think I was going too fast at first because I was getting sort of tired pretty quickly. I would much rather be running: it seems so much easier to just crank out the miles. The bad news is that I have a lot of work to do.

But I knew this was going to be work, a real stretch goal. What’s the point of setting goals you’ve already accomplished?

That reminds me of how I tell people that I could go back to Ranger School pretty much any day in any shape and sail right through — because after a week or two or three, everyone is beaten down physically and so that advantage goes away, as does any disadvantage. Then, knowing that I can do it eliminates virtually any doubt; thinking of myself as one who believes that “surrender is not a Ranger word,” eliminates the rest.

Being = Knowing = Doing

Dinner was pretty much a big ham sandwich 750 cal (5/8 loaf of French bread -600 & 5 slices ham -150 & mustard -0 cal.)

For a snack/dessert, I had a Sbux strawberry & blueberry yogurt 300 cal
Grande awake tea latte w/ just 2 pumps and whole milk — ??? (I suppose I should figure this out — it’s my preferred free drink when I get a coupon from Sbux from my gold card membership.)

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