Tough Mudder fundraising page is up!


The first event of the training season, the Tough Mudder at Bear Creek, PA, is coming up fast. Donate here to REED Academy via Crowdrise.

You can also show your support by signing up for my Facebook event. (No, that doesn’t mean you have to come to PA, but you’re welcome to!)

Check out the awesome course map, and let me know what obstacle you think might break me. I remind you of two things: (a) I did earn a Ranger Tab, and (b) I lived in France for a year. (I’ll see if I can generate a poll quickly and soon.)

There are plenty more updates coming, too! More races, more chances to see me tired, cold, hungry, and sore. And happy — always remember that!

Thank you for supporting me in my efforts to do something substantial for REED Academy. It’s been a long, hard, heartfelt road for the founding parents of REED and all the teachers and staff that have helped all of the students along the way. This year-long series of events is my way of trying to do something meaningful.

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