Swimming update

My swimming progress has been decent: the last few swims have been a long consistent one-hour or so, and I find that I am dramatically less tired than when I started lessons in the winter. But I have to get some more time in the pool, which means I need to really start aiming at the early morning swim slot — it’s 1 1/2 hours at the Y rather than just an hour. That extra work should help me build my endurance for the long swim.

Reality check: I’ve been told, and am now looking up, that there is a time cutoff for the swim that is shorter than I’d thought. Yep, 2h 20min. Excellent. That’s actually good news because it will push me to swim a bit faster rather than thinking I can go nice and easy over a longer time period. (Easy? Hah! Still doesn’t sound like “easy” to me.)

Still coming: review of my swim gear for listening to music in the pool.

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