Second bike ride – much improved!

It turned out to be great weather on Monday, 4/4. The thunderstorm and rain stayed away, and at 5:30 it was pleasantly warm. Bike ride seemed like a great idea.

I grabbed everything quickly, remembering last minute to fill my tires, which seemed like a good idea since I haven’t figured out yet how to actually fix a flat if/when I get one.

I had a route north on the roads to NY and over the border, but I wasn’t sure of the exact distance and didn’t want to find myself on the road after dusk: no lights, no reflective gear, first time on long road ride. All that seemed bad.

So I headed out to the Duck Pond/Saddle River bike path, which was the same route I ran on Sunday (home to the end and back 15.4 miles). But I figured that I needed to push farther and so did another loop on the bike path.

GPS killed my iphone battery (started out at 50%, which lasted 2:06:58 (memo to file on that one!)) but it stopped about 1/2 mile from home. This puts me at about 27.2 miles total. Measured time works out to about 12.6 mph (4:45/mile) overall (not bad including my time in the dark!).

I will actually sign up at the website to see what richer data I can get. I would like to know at what point my pace slowed and be able to graph that consistently against earlier training sessions.

My thought is that as I improve, the length of that steady pace period should increase, or my pace should become steadier — I seem to think that my early miles were too fast, both here and on the run the day before.

What tools do you use to analyze GPS training data?

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