Tough Mudder — muddy and fun


Tough Mudder race today was a lot of fun, plenty of mud and COLD water. Obstacles were a lot of fun, and the “event vs. race” mindset had everyone in a good mood (considering!).

Today was the Tough Mudder Pennsylvania, at Bear Creek ski lodge near Kutztown, PA. I started with my friend Matt at about noon. We took off in a wave of about 150 or so.

We headed down the first slope, where I quickly went face down in the mud. It was not particularly tasty; mud further up the slope was better 🙂 About 10 steps later, my right show was swallowed up by the muck. I’m not one to give in so easily, and so I pulled it out, put it back on over my now creamy tan(!) sock. My foot was immediately chilled.

–more race details to follow tomorrow —

Matt’s gal Haley was able to follow us from place to place and get a number of shots. Once they make their way to me, they’ll go up here and on facebook. In the meantime, here is TM’s album from today‘s event.

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