Back in the game

Hey, so after a great time on Thursday night, I was reinvigorated. It was like a switch. So I headed out Friday morning, 6/19, and did a 10k. First time in more than a few months…. But whatever. All of that fades away and I have been able to just focus on the next workout, instead of getting bogged down in a Vietnam (or Afghanistan?) of wasted months. No value in that except for the reminder not to make the old mistakes new.

Here’s my summary:

6/19 – 10k Duck Pond

6/20 – tabata bike stand

6/21 – tabata bike stand – 5-6m of walking at Six Flags

6/22 – 4miles in the park. 3m walk after, enjoying the world

6/23 – tabata bike stand

I’m almost feeling good enough about this to buy myself a G-Shock to replace my beloved Army one – the plastic housing on that old watch finally wore out and chunks broke off. It was the one I wore in Ranger School in summer 1993, and I think it’s been on hundreds or thousands of miles with me over the years – marathons, Oahu Perimeter Relay, airborne jumps, rappels, and of course, the hard miles in Dahlonega. I’m excited to get a new one to be my workhorse companion, an electronic ranger buddy to keep pace with me.

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