My secret weapon: salad

After getting back into the swing of things properly, I’ve supported myself well by going back to my fondness (too seldom indulged) of eating basically a gallon of salad (I use my biggest salad bowl, and I hit the “4l” mark every time). It’s really not as much as it sounds, but it sure does taste great.

In many ways, I owe this enjoyment of salad with raisins, cranberries, nuts, seeds, avocado, fruit, carrots, broccoli and basically whatever is in the fridge to one of my favorite restaurants, Pluto’s in Palo Alto, which changed the way I think about salad forever.

I’ve also gone back to using “Lose It!,” the app I used back in 2010 to track what I was eating. All it takes is a little mindfulness to encourage big changes. Yes, it has a calorie budget and my tabata bike time counts for very little, but that’s not the point. The point is to provide decision support: to make it easier for you to remember the things that are important to you when making decisions. In this case, it’s about what to eat.

Yesterday, it turned out that after I’d finished my run and walk and was headed to the car, I’d realized that even after a ham and capicola sandwich for lunch, I’d actually ended up in negative calorie territory:

So at that point I could have ordered a pizza from the fantastic place in my town, and probably gotten away with eating half of it and still staying “on budget.” But I remembered that I had all that extra salad stuff in the fridge and fresh avocado and mango to work with. So one marginal decision after another, and you build your world.


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