Today was supposed to be a vacation day, but that didn’t work out for a slew of reasons. This week has been good, and it got better today:

Sunday – drove to Rochester
Monday – ran 4.6 on the road.
Tuesday – ran 4.6 on the road.
Wednesday – ran 4.6 on the road.
Thursday – ran 4.6 on the road.
Friday – rest day, aka spent the day in the hospital with Dylan while he participated in a research study.

Today, 8/26, I did about 6.3, from my place up to the Duck Pond, and then 1.6 out and back from the Duck Pond trail. Since my way back is slightly different (to finish with the steeper hill), the road portion is 1.5 out and 1.6 back, so that’s how I get to 6.3.

I’m happy because I’ve been running a lot of 5ks on the treadmill, and I want/need to get back to longer sessions. This week helped, and today’s run felt pretty good, so I will see whether tomorrow morning is road or treadmill or what!

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