Run on 20-Apr–2019

At the gym in Meadville: 5 miles, 57 min.
Started at a 12-min pace and increased by .1mph each 3/4 mile. I enjoy the negative split model; I think it improves my overall results and fitness and will serve me better in races. Also, I fundamentally believe that my body responds well to pressure.

My last WRT entry was summer 2017, and I evidently failed to include a lot of 4-mile heavy rucking escapades (my ruck with steel plate and water is about 60–61#) in 2018. My recollection is that my last couple runs were 1/1/2019 and 1/2/2019, about 4 miles each. Most people would say that starting from scratch at 5 miles would be silly, but I know that even after all of the non-workout days, pushing is the right tactic.

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