By rickColosimo / February 27, 2020 / Comments Off on 27-Feb-2020

Today’s 3.1 in a pleasant 31:54 (either that or :45, but after the instant replay was inconclusive, I didn’t win the coin flip).

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By rickColosimo / February 25, 2020 / Comments Off on 25-Feb-2020

3.1 in 32:20. A rest day really pulled me up over the hump this morning. Most of that run was under 10m pace. Yeah, I used to be faster, but I was slower even just a couple weeks ago. I’m heading in the right direction. I keep writing it, but it is as much to…

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By rickColosimo / February 23, 2020 / Comments Off on 23-Feb-2020
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By rickColosimo / February 21, 2020 / Comments Off on 21-Feb-2020
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