Big milestone today

By rickColosimo / April 24, 2011 /

Easter morning turned out to be great weather in NJ. I grabbed the bike and went out on literally my fourth ride. Ever. What milestone? Over 50 miles on the bike! That’s right: the Go The Distance ride on 5/15 just became a training day. Don’t get me wrong: 50 miles wasn’t easy; it was…

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Photos from the first bike ride

By rickColosimo / April 5, 2011 /

As an aside, this was taken with the front-facing camera on my iphone. Not too shabby. Does this helmet make me look fat? You’ll note that I have toe straps; I haven’t yet moved to the clipless pedals/shoes that everyone talks about. Soon. Soon.   This ride turned out to be 12.06 miles, acc’g to…

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Diet & Training Log 11/9/10

By rickColosimo / November 10, 2010 /

Tuesday was a busy day, with lots going on in the rest of my life. Lunch/dinner was a burrito at Chipotle (I probably shouldn’t eat there too much, but I feel like it’s a good amount of food and the veggies are good in the burrito.) I splurged and had chips and salsa too, because……

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Diet & Training log 11/8/10

By rickColosimo / November 9, 2010 /

I’m apparently back on the post-Ranger School diet now that I’m down to my post-Ranger School weight (that’s ca. 1993 for those keeping score at home; here’s my graduation photo from Class 9-93 — spot me and tell me in the comments!). I left the office early for a meeting with my son’s teacher and…

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