Back on tread

By rickColosimo / December 29, 2016 /

Back on tread 3.1miles in 33:12, including some non-emergency text responses. 10:42 pace. I’ll call that “room for improvement.” Gave myself 24HourFitness as a Christmas and birthday present. Long overdue.

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Back in the game

By rickColosimo / June 23, 2015 /

Hey, so after a great time on Thursday night, I was reinvigorated. It was like a switch. So I headed out Friday morning, 6/19, and did a 10k. First time in more than a few months…. But whatever. All of that fades away and I have been able to just focus on the next workout,…

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Second bike ride – much improved!

By rickColosimo / April 6, 2011 /

It turned out to be great weather on Monday, 4/4. The thunderstorm and rain stayed away, and at 5:30 it was pleasantly warm. Bike ride seemed like a great idea. I grabbed everything quickly, remembering last minute to fill my tires, which seemed like a good idea since I haven’t figured out yet how to…

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Photos from the first bike ride

By rickColosimo / April 5, 2011 /

As an aside, this was taken with the front-facing camera on my iphone. Not too shabby. Does this helmet make me look fat? You’ll note that I have toe straps; I haven’t yet moved to the clipless pedals/shoes that everyone talks about. Soon. Soon.   This ride turned out to be 12.06 miles, acc’g to…

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